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The MEGA сайт onion official website is the largest marketplace on the dark web. There are many sites on the darknet, but the main market share belongs to the сайт MEGA onion site. The site presents a wide range of products: marijuana, hashish, stimulants, euphoretics, opiates, and so on. The instant sales system provides a safe and convenient transaction for both the seller and the buyer.

To access the MEGA сайт darkmarket, you must use the official link on the Onion network. In Google and Yandex, you can find the right mirror through the search, but you need to be careful, since most of these links are fraudulent, following which can lead to the loss of your account and funds. You must keep the working link provided in this article.

The bulk of user questions boil down to the following:

  1. How to access the MEGA darknet сайт without blocking?
  2. How does the dispute system work?
  3. Is there an official MEGA площадка mirror?
  4. Where can I find a working list of links?
  5. How do I exchange money before ordering?
  6. When can I make a purchase at MEGA сайт?
  7. How does pre-order work?
  8. How to access dark market MEGA onion website using Tor browser?

If the marketplace mega ссылка connection is blocked in your country or you are unable to connect via VPN, you can alternatively use the official Tor mirror. A working mirror of the MEGA ссылка can also be found on the forum in the section “Links” section.

Do not use questionable browsers to access the onion network to avoid data leakage while interacting with the site.

How to access the сайт MEGA onion website via TOR?

Fast food stores are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can buy goods with cryptocurrencies such as BTC, USDT and XMR. You can exchange both using bank cards and electronic payment systems.

The site contains a large number of trusted sellers of goods and dubious services. High traffic can heavily load the infrastructure of the MEGA mirror site, because of this, a long connection to the resource is possible. In this case, you can always use alternative mirrors from the MEGA com mirror forum.

Why isn't the MEGA darkmarket website working?

On the dark web, everyone has the opportunity to order a DDoS attack of various levels, including the MEGA onion link as a target. Due to the strong competition in the market and the availability of such services, the marketplace servers are often attacked by government agencies and competing shadow resources.

The MEGA ссылка forum has sections that allow buyers to get acquainted with the products of manufacturers, as well as up-to-date ratings and reviews of all instant access stores.

If the product is not found, then buyers have the opportunity to open a dispute due to “not found”. Before opening a dispute on a transaction, carefully read the rules of the seller and the MEGA platform. Knowledge of the rules and attentive attitude increase the chances of a favorable outcome of the dispute.

If the original MEGA darknet link does not work, then you need to use the official working mirrors, the list of which is on the forum in the appropriate section. Please be aware that clicking on random links from the Internet may result in the loss of your account.

MEGA onion working input to TOR

The site is located on the dark web, so you can find the original mirror in the corresponding directories of shadow resources. The entrance via the link зеркало MEGA is located on the main page of the site in the right part of the top menu. To use the link, you need to go to the site through the Tor Browser, which can be downloaded to any of the devices, be it a computer or a smartphone. The Onion connection protects the privacy and security of all users when interacting with the MEGA darkmarket. More information can be found on the official forum, which often works without external threats from competitors and governments.

How to find the original MEGA сайт mirror

In order not to use site mirrors, it's easier to bookmark the official link in the TOP browser by clicking on the star. Anyone can support the Tor project by sending BTC to the address of the charitable foundation. The MEGA даркнет onion darknet domain contains a large number of letters and numbers, which is necessary for the site to work in the onion network. The name itself is randomly generated, and the private keys generated during the generation process are only available to site administrators. Such a domain increases the stability and security of connecting to online stores.

Is there an official MEGA ссылка com link?

MEGA площадка onion mirror link provides the fastest and most private connection to the site. The official list is presented on the main page of the site and is constantly updated. At the moment, there are more than five relevant links to the marketplace. It doesn't matter which address is used, all mirrors provide the correct data. The architecture of the Tor network allows for high flexibility in adapting to various types of attacks, including DDoS. Therefore, if one mirror of the MEGA сайт darknet site does not work, then you can always use alternative access. Uncensored browsers and search engines such as Tor Browser and DuckDuckGo can be used for this. But you should always look for information only on trusted resources and beware of phishing links that can compromise your account information!

Site in the dark web MEGA сайт reviews

Recently, in many countries of the world there has been a trend towards the decriminalization of drugs. Such measures help to minimize the criminal market, protect consumers and increase tax revenues to the budget. But at the moment, in the CIS countries, this market is represented exclusively by fast food stores MEGA site.

To access the site, you must use the official Tor browser, which provides a secure connection to the site and all its functions. Be vigilant and avoid questionable links from unreliable resources.

A wide range of darknet goods and services is available to customers 24 hours a day, seven days a week. To replenish the balance, you can use the anonymous cryptocurrency Monero (XMR), as well as the well-known bitcoin (BTC) or a convenient digital dollar (USDT). The site has an internal exchanger that allows you to quickly exchange using a bank card (Sberbank, Tinkoff, Alfa, VTB, etc.), electronic payment systems (Qiwi, Yandex.Money, WebMoney, etc.) or a mobile phone (MegaFon). , MTS, Beeline, Tele2, Iota).

You can also use third party exchange services such as BestChange. The site contains a wide list of proven exchangers with a long history of work. A special rating allows you to find the most profitable rate, taking into account the reviews and the number of transactions of the seller. When making a transaction, the exchanger needs to specify the wallet address from the darknet mirror of the MEGA platform, make a payment and wait for the funds to be credited to the account balance.

MEGA даркнет forum official link

In case of problems with the order, you must open a dispute on the order within 24 hours after purchase and describe the problem. Inadequate communication, insults, spam or flooding can lead to a refusal to consider the dispute and invite a moderator to make a decision on the dispute. Below are the standard rules for instant stores on the site.

1. General provisions.

1.1 By placing an order (pre-order) in our store (isolated store), the buyer consciously accepts the rules of DARKMARKET MEGA ONION, together with the rules of the online store.
1.2 Ignorance of the rules, or ignoring them before (after) making a purchase by the counterparty (the buyer who has accepted the rules of the site and the store), does not relieve him of responsibility for their implementation.
1.3 Pre-order (if the goods are in stock) is carried out within 1-3 days, depending on the volume and place of delivery.

2. Making a purchase.

2.1 After the purchase, the counterparty is given a quest with a detailed description (if necessary) and the name of the program where to enter these coordinates, remember different programs = different errors.
2.2 The counterparty is issued a guarantee for the address, in the amount of 24 hours, from the moment the address is received, all questions after that are not considered.
2.3 The counterparty is obliged to leave a review after the successful removal of the goods, as well as to put an objective assessment of the work of the store.

3. The order in which tasks are considered.

3.1 Consideration of problematic issues, and in the future – not found, is carried out by the store administration, with the support of the site administration (if necessary).
3.2 Remortgage is excluded.
3.3 Problematic moments for treasures are counted from 5 closed transactions on the MEGA darknet link, on your account, if this is the first purchase, and it is not found immediately, then a refusal is automatically obtained, it can also be received in the following cases:

  • Minimum number of transactions per account.
  • Transfer of the quest to the 3rd and subsequent persons.
  • No photos from the site.
  • Low number of successful transactions in our store (less than 5).
  • The average transaction value of your account is significantly lower than the estimated non-located transaction amount.
  • Failure to comply with the elementary rules of business etiquette (inappropriate behavior, obscene language, insults, flooding, blackmail and
  • threats against us).
  • Leave negative (defamatory) feedback until the issue is resolved.
  • 3.4 Remortgage (full or partial):

    • Change of terrain, for reasons beyond the control of both sides.
    • The status of a regular customer of our store.
    • A decent history of purchases and an impressive average check of MEGA DARKMARKET.

    When analyzing some points, please do not use the ibb and turbo / turbu me file hosting servers. Photos sent by these methods will not be considered!

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    1. Hello!
      I can’t access the сайт MEGA dark web site on my iPhone. I used to log in from an iPhone and from a PC from April 6 to mid-June, making my way through eternal difficulties (when the site always lay down, then it took a long time to load pages, then there were problems with replenishment: you send money in the morning – they arrive closer to the night), but I also went did things. All this time I have been following the situation, so I know about the changes on the МЕГА площадка and the rutor. But now, after 2 months, I tried to log in again, through the same iPhone, the same browser – I can’t go further than the new (first) captcha, which lets me into the site itself. I enter the correct code in the captcha, click ok – the page reloads and a new captcha appears. There is no way to access via PC. Tell me what to do? I use vpn, and bridges, and tried to turn off js – nothing.

    2. Благодарю за попмощь Модератору во второй раз, было длительное ожидание Модератора в диспуте на площадке МЕГА даркнет. Скинул в лс ссылку на диспут и сегодня утром проблема была решена. А в чью пользу секрет, но кто то сегодня раскуриться с офигенным кайфом после ненахода и потраченых 4 кусков на гарик =D Хорошего настроения и фарта порядочным покупателям, а шкуроходам чтоб вас мусора приняли когда вы с несколькими паками из леса вышли чтоб точно под статью сбыта попали.

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